What we believe

We are Democratic lawmakers who believe that the best future for our children is an Orwellian dystopia where governments have absolute control over their citizens' thoughts and actions through pervasive mass surveillance. That's why we support the reauthorization of Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act.

Our Mission

Our goal is to reauthorize Section 702, which would let Donald Trump - and any future president - engage in warrantless monitoring and mass collection of Internet and telephone communications. This will give Trump the power to target journalists, blackmail enemies, round up immigrants, and discriminate against religious minorities. Some people may not see how this advances democratic values. Those people will be put on a list and subjected to Double Extreme Vetting™.

Who we are

Phone: 202-224-5344
Twitter: @SenAngusKing
*Angus King is technically an independent who caucuses with Democrats, but given his staunch commitment to a fascist dystopia, he's included here as an honorary member.
Twitter: @MarkWarner 
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